Four Months of Wonder and Worry


Today house of representatives bill HR 724 goes before the president to be approved or vetoed. Considering the overwhelming approval of this “anti crush” bill the president will most likely sign it. But what does that mean for us? Nothing really. While this bill makes animal abuse a federal felony, it still requires state and local authorities to enforce it. This means people need to be arrested for animal abuse, and prosecuted appropriately.

Sadly this is not the case as most, if arrested, plead down their charges, and then get lesser sentencing. Most often these lesser sentences come in the form of fines and probation, rarely jail time, or any type of rehabilitation.

Meanwhile the FBI has been tracking animal abuse, all species, since 2006. In doing so they hope to prevent larger scale violence towards humans.

It’s a strange juxtaposition when just four months ago @roostersanctuary and I were arrested at our own home for defending ourselves and the animals in our care against animal abusers.

It’s just as strange to consider our elected officials have approved bills such as AETA and now approve a contrasting bill such as PACT.

It’s been four months since animal abusers came onto our property with sick, abused, dying, and dead birds. It’s been four months since we were arrested for releasing the few birds we could. In those four months we have no idea what the charges against us are, we have no idea where our property (camera) is. Lawyers have been useless in helping us.

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Wesley and Willis are Home

Wesley and Willis spent a week CSU for their neuter surgeries. Wesley may still be a bull as the undescended testicle could not be found. Wesley’s tendons are still causing him issues. His activity is limited and he gets to go for short walks every day to hopefully help him heal. Willis’ surgery went well and he’s back with the herd. Today is #OneHealthDay ; if you don’t know what #OneHealth is, look into it. Of today’s emerging diseases, 75% are zoonotic. Another reason to go #vegan #animalliberation #fortheanimals #sanctuary #ethics #wesleywillis #firstgencummins #greatpyrenees #adoptdontshop

Wesley Tongue Out Tuesday


Wesley brings you #tongueouttuesday Wesley is slowly healing from his torn tendons, due to contracture at birth. Wesley had never stood nor walked when we rescued him. We estimate he had been down in the pile of discarded calves for two days. He and the others we rescued went straight to the vet where most of them were treated for different illnesses. Next week Wesley and his twin Willis go back to the vet to be surgically neutered. Wesley will have to be sedated due to his undescended testicle.

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Just a couple of friends hanging out.

Nearly one and a half million cats are euthanized each year simply for not having a home. #noneedtobreed Those are just the ones we know of that are dumped at animal shelters and reported. Roly Poly was found in an area popular for dumping animals. She was lucky to be found.

Duriann was dumped at an animal shelter which @roostersanctuary works closely with for fighting rescues.

Rabbits have a much lower euthanasia rate in shelters, but their reason for being dumped at shelters is much dire. Cats and dogs are usually dumped for behavior reasons, yet rabbits are dumped simply because people did not want to care for them.

If you would like to see us grow as a sanctuary and as an outreaching voice for the animals; consider visiting, volunteering, donating, or spread the word about us.

1.4 million cats euthanized comes from a study by the Kitten Coalition in 2018.

Rabbit statistics comes from a study by House Rabbit Society in 2012.

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Roly Poly Update


Yesterday RolyPoly went to the vet for a check up and vaccines. She’s still as healthy as any kitten except for the control of her bowels and bladder. She’ll be getting some new diapers and continue to get the extra care that we specialize in.

Earlier this year I set a goal to complete 100 or more certifications or continuing education units. This #caturday I surpassed my goal. I’ve now completed every @ASPCApro course that is currently online, 36 FEMA courses, Basic Life Support and first aid from @american_heart , #recovercpr #basiclifesupport from @cornellvet , and the list goes on. Keep educating yourself for the animals, for all of us.

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CPR BLS Vet.jpgStudent_eCertificate BLS.jpgIllicit Drugs.jpgUpdates on Rodenticides RECORDED-1.jpgFEMA IS 230d cert.jpg

Milliard and Friends


One year ago this date I drove Millard, Fillmore, Taub, and 30 chickens to @roostersanctuary . Milliard, Fillmore, and Taub came from an organic, free range farm that so many think of as healthy and humane. The truth is all three of these turkeys were immediately taken to our vet for many issues. Each one of them had coccidia and salmonella, which are transmittable to humans. Milliard also had a white blood cell count so high that the doctor believed he had Tuberculosis which is also transmittable to humans.

Last year @darkmountainsanctuary and @roostersanctuary together rescued over 500 animals. This year we have already rescued over 1100 animals. With your help we can do more.

Vist, volunteer, donate, spread the word

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