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Floyd For Tongue Out Tuesday


#tongueouttuesday coming at you from Floyd. Thanks to everyone who came out to @vgnmkt and huge thanks to @wizardmetal and @jaimejaim for all the support they have given to both Dark Mountain and @roostersanctuary. #animalliberation #fortheanimals #sanctuary #ethics #ethicalvegan #adoptdontshop

Tomorrow, Vegan Market, Brooklyn

Brooklyn, come out and support a sanctuary that not only rescued 100 birds from kaporos rituals in Brooklyn, but we also transported, and still to this day provide care for them @roostersanctuary. We’ll be @vgnmkt tomorrow from noon to 5pm. It’s all ages, so no excuse to bring the kids and enjoy some good food, good people, and a good cause.

Since 2004 we have been rescuing animals from the 5 boroughs and beyond. Everything from tortoises to chickens, cats and dogs.

In 2010 we organized what was the largest open rescue in the five boroughs. More than 230 former fighting roosters were taken from the streets of the Bronx and transported to sanctuaries in Ohio, Texas, New York, Florida…

This year alone we have rescued over 1,000 animals from bankrupt farms, fighting busts, and many other situations of exploitation and neglect.

It’s not just non human animals we care for as we have also fed organic, vegan meals to over 300 people in need, just this year.

We are driven by compassion and dedication. We are fueled by your support.

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Vegan Market This Sunday


This Sunday August 4th noon to 5pm we will be at Market Hotel in Brooklyn for @vgnmkt . Why is a sanctuary which is located in Colorado and moving to North Carolina be at an event in Brooklyn? Last year we rescued 100 chickens from the streets of brooklyn. In 2010 we rescued over 230 birds from the streets of Bronx. We have also rescued a baby lamb from Yonkers, sheep and goats from Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan… Geese from Staten Island and transported to Long Island. Tortoises too. We rescued a tortoise from the streets of Manhattan and then found some other tortoises in need of a warmer home who we drove from Long Island to Ft. Lauderdale.

So come out to @vgnmkt this Sunday and meet new people, enjoy good food, learn, and have a good time.

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Roly Poly is Home


Roly Poly is home and very lucky. Yesterday, while in the middle of nowhere I saw her thrown out from under a truck after it hit her. @roostersanctuary and I stopped and scooped her up. Her X-rays showed no internal damage nor broken bones. She received a few stitches to her lip, some fluids for dehydration and some pain meds.

Roly Poly is another reason to not buy animals. The area we found her is known for animal (and garbage) dumping. A few months ago many decaying dog carcasses and a human body were found in the same area. If you are buying animals of any kind; farm, domestic, exotic, you are fueling the greed of animal exploitation. Just as cruelty to non human animals leads to violence towards humans, so does exploitation.

Both @roostersanctuary and Dark Mountain operate off of our own income, and supporters who believe in what we do. If you would like to help with Roly Poly’s vet bills, please share, donate, volunteer.

#vegan #govegan #whatvegansdo #ethics #ethicalvegan #adoptdontshop #cat #kitten #hitandrun #rescue #fortheanimals #tnr RolyPolyReceipt.jpg

Roly Poly


While driving @roostersanctuary to the airport for #ARconference2019 #ar2019 I saw this little one roll out from under the tires of a truck in front of us. She is currently at the vet, getting x-rays, pain meds, and hopefully she will be operated on.

If you would like to help, please donate.

We are an all volunteer 501c3 so all donations go directly to the care of the animals.

The cruelty we place on animals leads to violence towards humans. Stop the violence before it starts.

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The current classes I am taking have me looking back at instances where children expressed empathy or compassion towards animals.

A group of us had spent hours trying to catch this one cat. Finally the cat went into the courtyard of this boys home. The mother allowed us to come in and place traps in the courtyard. Later that day we came back to find the cat had not attempted to go near the traps.

After explaining to the boy that we were trying to help the cat and all the animals in the area he began to coax the cat with food. It only took the boy a matter of minutes to catch a cat we had been trying to catch for hours.

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