Just a couple of friends hanging out.

Nearly one and a half million cats are euthanized each year simply for not having a home. #noneedtobreed Those are just the ones we know of that are dumped at animal shelters and reported. Roly Poly was found in an area popular for dumping animals. She was lucky to be found.

Duriann was dumped at an animal shelter which @roostersanctuary works closely with for fighting rescues.

Rabbits have a much lower euthanasia rate in shelters, but their reason for being dumped at shelters is much dire. Cats and dogs are usually dumped for behavior reasons, yet rabbits are dumped simply because people did not want to care for them.

If you would like to see us grow as a sanctuary and as an outreaching voice for the animals; consider visiting, volunteering, donating, or spread the word about us.

1.4 million cats euthanized comes from a study by the Kitten Coalition in 2018.

Rabbit statistics comes from a study by House Rabbit Society in 2012.

#sanctuary #ethics #vegan #fortheanimals #friends #rescue #adoptdontshop

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