Milliard and Friends


One year ago this date I drove Millard, Fillmore, Taub, and 30 chickens to @roostersanctuary . Milliard, Fillmore, and Taub came from an organic, free range farm that so many think of as healthy and humane. The truth is all three of these turkeys were immediately taken to our vet for many issues. Each one of them had coccidia and salmonella, which are transmittable to humans. Milliard also had a white blood cell count so high that the doctor believed he had Tuberculosis which is also transmittable to humans.

Last year @darkmountainsanctuary and @roostersanctuary together rescued over 500 animals. This year we have already rescued over 1100 animals. With your help we can do more.

Vist, volunteer, donate, spread the word

#vegan #rescue #transport #animalliberation #turkeys #sanctuary

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