There’s a small group of people who live at the edge of the Amazonia within Ecuador. They occasionally go into Quito and rescue street dogs who are sick or have been neglected. The dogs and people live mutually from the abundance that the Amazonia provides for them. These people live simply and live to care for animals.

Their home is currently in dire danger. The animals they care for are in need of new homes, just as the people are.

Imagine living your life simply, off the land, with no worries of debt, desires, or “civilized” needs and order. While few, there are still people in this world who exist outside of the social construct of civilization. These people need our help not through donation or volunteering, but through us awakening and ultimately helping ourselves.

Photo taken by me in the late summer of 2011. This day we were able to capture and care for over 30 malnourished dogs in less than an hour.

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