Month: July 2019

Goose Watch World Wide

August 2010 I was arrested during a protest against the culling of geese in NYC. I did not do what I did just for the sake of the geese but for the sake of all of us.

Killing birds while they are flightless is cruel, hunters don’t even commit such crimes against nature.

Wasting tax payers dollars for a useless operation is a crime.

Kendra Cross promotes these cullings under the guise of feeding the homeless, human and environmental health.

The truth is the geese do not go to soup kitchens. These geese are considered toxic to human health.

The truth is the geese; the feces they and other wildlife generate have proven to have no affect on human health.

When it comes to airstrikes and flight safety there is no proof that the culling works.

Fact; 9014 airstrikes in Colorado since 1990, only 32 were Canada Geese.

Other airports use avian radar and sound cannons to prevent airstrikes. Kendra Cross claims those are only effective measures at airports smaller than those she is culling geese at.

Truth is Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport is the world’s busiest airport and they have never had to cull geese.

So why doesn’t Kendra Cross go to Atlanta to promote her culling? Maybe it’s due to the fact that The Center for Disease Control is headquartered there and can debunk her feeding to the homeless, zoonoses theories.

Side note; I was to speak tomorrow in regards to how to deal with cops while protesting. The organizers have now asked me to not speak due to being arrested.

Don’t fall prey to political agendas, that only soften the cullings rather than proving they do not need to exist.

If you would like to help with our legal fees, please share, donate, and spread the word.

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Two Years, 200 More…


Two years ago this date I married my equal in more ways than I can count. My heroes are few in this world, because at some point everyone falters to some vice or hypocrisy. Yet when I see these in her, I don’t qualm, I accept.

Less than 48 hours have passed since the two of us sat in a holding cell together. Quotes of Groucho Marx and Henry David Thoreau come to mind as I think of her sitting beside me on the stainless steel bench. But their quotes resonate with being alone and wanting that person standing for justice to be next to them.

I also think of all the #MayDay events that led to me cuffed to a bench with nearly 100 others like me; who want to see a difference.

We have a moral obligation not to just go against an unjust system, but a moral obligation to uphold our own beliefs.

When your hero commits a crime for the animals, they do not want your letters, your donations, your support as much as they want you beside them.

Together we are stronger than the corruption. Together we can overthrow the unjust patriarchal oligarchy. Together the drama ceases to exist.

Just the two of us together have done more than most corporate sanctuaries.

Over 1,100 animals rescued

Over 300 people fed free, organic, vegan meals

Over 500 animals in our daily care

That’s just 2019 and we don’t plan to stop.

Here’s to 2 years behind us and 200 more to go. I love you @roostersanctuary

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Help With Legal Fees

Last night @roostersanctuary and I were arrested and booked. Without going into details; someone trespassed on our property. After repeatedly telling them to leave they refused and it led to an altercation. We were arrested, the trespassers were free to go. Keep in mind this all happened on our property. The trespassers had many poultry crates of dead and sick pigeons in their truck.

Yes there are details that we can not reveal at this time that led to the outcome of all this. During the altercation my camera was broken and is subsequently being held as evidence. If anyone would like to help with our legal fees and the purchase of a new camera, then please share, donate, spread the word.

Most of you know we are in the middle of an investigation, making the need for a camera immediate.

We are an all volunteer 501c3 depending on our own incomes and the generosity of those who believe in us and what we do.

Thanks to @brokenshovels and @goodliferefuge for taking care of everyone and our selves while we were in custody.

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What are communities without parks?

What are parks without ponds?

What are ponds without waterfowl?

When we feel the need to impress our will on all aspects of nature, we completely lose all that is natural.

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Denver Geese By The Numbers


We all know how public funding or funding by grants operates. You don’t spend the money, you don’t get it next year. A very poor policy, but it is how government and public spending works. So if you have a dead end project, and you want to continue to receive funding, or better yet; just keep your job, then you may trump the numbers and skew the facts to keep your job and funding.

So here’s some simple numbers to ponder in regards to #denver ’s recent goose culling and the guise placed upon it as “feeding the homeless” or “aircraft safety”.

32 canada geese strikes since 1990

9014 strikes total since 1990

2137 total geese removed from denver public parks the past two months

10,857 homeless in denver as of 2018

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Denver Goose Watch Garfield Park

At 3:36 am I spotted the first government vehicle (all were Chevy Silverados, some white, some silver in color) with a dog box and kayak parked near the corner of West Arizona Avenue and South Lowell Boulevard. An hour later more unmarked trucks with government plates arrived. Two of these trucks had dog boxes and kayaks. They began to set up a perimeter and two dogs began to swim in the lake at Garfield Lake Park. 4:33 am another unmarked truck pulling an open flatbed trailer with approximately 50 crates arrived.

Community members against the culling began to arrive around 5:30 am. USDA and Park Rangers were approached by several members of the community. 6:00 am the unmarked truck with trailer, crates, and geese and two marked Denver police patrol vehicles left Garfield Lake Park heading east on West Arizona Avenue. The truck with trailer and geese were last seen near federal and Interstate 25.

I last saw one of the unmarked government trucks headed north on Interstate 25 between Longmont and Fort Collins.

Each crate holds 3-5 geese. Most that I saw contained 3.

There were 7 unmarked government trucks, 2 marked park ranger trucks, 2 dogs, 3 kayaks, one trailer, and 50-51 crates.

USDA employees were wearing earpieces to communicate, waders, and headlamps.

Denver Goose Watch


Today July 9 2019 from 3 am to 6:30 am USDA Wildlife Services began to round up geese in Garfield park Denver. This operation began even after so called vegan first gentleman @marlonreis told members of the vegan community that he had confirmed there would be no culling of geese in Garfield park.

The USDA claims these geese are going to soup kitchens to feed the homeless. If the first gentlemen will lie to people of his own community, the government will also lie as to why they are culling the geese.

If these geese are being used to feed the homeless, they must do so under a warning that it is not fit for human consumption and to do so you must not consume more than 2 servings per month.

Goose meat is very tough and requires 3-4 hours marination. How many soup kitchens have the ability or are doing that?

The truth is the Kendra Cross who works for the USDA utilizes geese to test aircraft strikes at her home office in Fort Collins, Colorado. There she has many other animal exploiters who assist her with the torture and killing of these geese.

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Denver Goose Watch

Those who are removing wild Canada Geese from Public land;

Colorado Wildlife Services State Director 12345 West Alameda Parkway Suite 204. Lakewood, CO 80228. Phone: (303) 328-9041

4101 Laporte Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80521

NWRC Primary Contacts

Laboratory Representative

John Eisemann

Mid-Continent Regional Coordinator



(970) 266-6158

Director’s Office (Fort Collins)

Larry Clark, PhD, Director

Thomas J. Deliberto, DVM, Assistant Director

Douglas C. Eckery, PhD, Assistant Director 

Thomas Gidlewski, DVM, Program Manager — National Wildlife Disease Program

John Eisemann, MS, Program Manager — Technology Transfer

Natalie Lasher, Administrative Officer

Research Staff  (Fort Collins, CO)

Aaron M. Anderson, PhD, Economist

John A. Baroch, Wildlife Disease Biologist

Sarah Bevins, PhD, Research Biologist 

Are R. Berentsen, Wildlife Biologist

Stewart W. Breck, PhD, Wildlife Biologist

Shelagh T. Deliberto, MS, Wildlife Biologist

Richard M. Engeman, PhD,  Research Biologist

Justin W. Fischer, MS, Wildlife Biologist

Alan B. Franklin, PhD, Supervisory Research Biologist

Amy T. Gilbert,  PhD, Research Biologist

David A. Goldade, PhD, Chemist

Katherine E. Horak, PhD, Research Biologist (Toxicologist)

Shylo R. Johnson, Biologist

Dennis Kohler, Wildlife Disease Biologist

Michael J. Lavelle, Wildlife Biologist

Richard E. Mauldin, MS, Chemist

Kim M. Pepin, PhD,  Research Biologist 

Kerri Pedersen, MS, Wildlife Disease Biologist

Toni Piaggio, PhD, Research Biologist (Genetics)

J. Jeffrey Root, PhD, Research Wildlife Biologist

Aaron B. Shiels, PhD, Research Biologist

Brandon S. Schmit, MS, Wildlife Disease Biologist

Susan A. Shriner, PhD, Research Biologist

Stephanie A. Shwiff, PhD, Research Economist 

Nathan P. Snow, PhD, Research Biologist

Randal S. Stahl, PhD, Chemist

Heather J. Sullivan, MS, Biologist

Kurt Vercauteren, PhD, Research Wildlife Biologist

Steven F. Volker, Chemist

Scott J. Werner, PhD, Research Wildlife Biologist

Gary W. Witmer, PhD, Research Wildlife Biologist


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