Vegan Market This Sunday


This Sunday August 4th noon to 5pm we will be at Market Hotel in Brooklyn for @vgnmkt . Why is a sanctuary which is located in Colorado and moving to North Carolina be at an event in Brooklyn? Last year we rescued 100 chickens from the streets of brooklyn. In 2010 we rescued over 230 birds from the streets of Bronx. We have also rescued a baby lamb from Yonkers, sheep and goats from Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan… Geese from Staten Island and transported to Long Island. Tortoises too. We rescued a tortoise from the streets of Manhattan and then found some other tortoises in need of a warmer home who we drove from Long Island to Ft. Lauderdale.

So come out to @vgnmkt this Sunday and meet new people, enjoy good food, learn, and have a good time.

#vegan #govegan #whatvegansdo #fortheanimals #sanctuary #ethics #ethicalvegan #adoptdontshop #rescue #transport #liberation #animalliberation #veganfood

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