I don’t know why, but I occasionally ask myself, “was it worth it?” The answer is always the same, “of course”. Then I do the math; arrested at approximately 8pm, released approximately 1am…. add in the anxiety, attorney fees, stress, time on the phone… the answer is still the same. It was worth it. I see them fly free and I don’t ask questions, I no longer try to do the math… It was worth it.

So are our lives less because we saved what others consider a pest?

As humans we judge and place value on too many things. We create waste all around us, then complain when a “pest” resides too close to us. We destroy habitats, then round up the wildlife who adapt to live with us. Control, an ugly word based on ego.

I keep watching the windows, because “control” is coming for me. I jump when I see them on the streets, because “control” wants to contain me.

We have not only destroyed the land that sustains us, but we’ve destroyed the ethics that should guide us.

It is a proven fact that cruelty to non-human animals leads to cruelty to humans. It has been seen over and over again. School shootings, domestic violence; the perpetrators always have a record of abuse towards animals. It does not matter if the animal is a rat, mouse, frog, cat or dog; the abuse towards those animals leads to the abuse to human animals.

These are the reasons our society creates a hyphenated term such as non-human animals. As if we are not animals ourselves.

Think to yourself who this may be in regards to in 1934, or 1787… That control still exists. The egos, the greed, the wealth of those who had power then, is still in power today.

Michael Franti said it best;

But dehumanizing the victim makes things simpler

It’s like breathing with a respirator

It eases the conscience of even the most conscious

and calculating violator

Words can reduce a person to an object,

something more easy to hate

An inanimate entity, completely disposable,

no problem to obliterate

If you would like to help with our legal fees please share our story, donate, volunteer. It’s with your support that we can continue to help so many. We are an all volunteer 501c3, no salaries, no publicists, just dedication to helping others.

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