Goose Watch World Wide

August 2010 I was arrested during a protest against the culling of geese in NYC. I did not do what I did just for the sake of the geese but for the sake of all of us.

Killing birds while they are flightless is cruel, hunters don’t even commit such crimes against nature.

Wasting tax payers dollars for a useless operation is a crime.

Kendra Cross promotes these cullings under the guise of feeding the homeless, human and environmental health.

The truth is the geese do not go to soup kitchens. These geese are considered toxic to human health.

The truth is the geese; the feces they and other wildlife generate have proven to have no affect on human health.

When it comes to airstrikes and flight safety there is no proof that the culling works.

Fact; 9014 airstrikes in Colorado since 1990, only 32 were Canada Geese.

Other airports use avian radar and sound cannons to prevent airstrikes. Kendra Cross claims those are only effective measures at airports smaller than those she is culling geese at.

Truth is Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport is the world’s busiest airport and they have never had to cull geese.

So why doesn’t Kendra Cross go to Atlanta to promote her culling? Maybe it’s due to the fact that The Center for Disease Control is headquartered there and can debunk her feeding to the homeless, zoonoses theories.

Side note; I was to speak tomorrow in regards to how to deal with cops while protesting. The organizers have now asked me to not speak due to being arrested.

Don’t fall prey to political agendas, that only soften the cullings rather than proving they do not need to exist.

If you would like to help with our legal fees, please share, donate, and spread the word.

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