Two Years, 200 More…


Two years ago this date I married my equal in more ways than I can count. My heroes are few in this world, because at some point everyone falters to some vice or hypocrisy. Yet when I see these in her, I don’t qualm, I accept.

Less than 48 hours have passed since the two of us sat in a holding cell together. Quotes of Groucho Marx and Henry David Thoreau come to mind as I think of her sitting beside me on the stainless steel bench. But their quotes resonate with being alone and wanting that person standing for justice to be next to them.

I also think of all the #MayDay events that led to me cuffed to a bench with nearly 100 others like me; who want to see a difference.

We have a moral obligation not to just go against an unjust system, but a moral obligation to uphold our own beliefs.

When your hero commits a crime for the animals, they do not want your letters, your donations, your support as much as they want you beside them.

Together we are stronger than the corruption. Together we can overthrow the unjust patriarchal oligarchy. Together the drama ceases to exist.

Just the two of us together have done more than most corporate sanctuaries.

Over 1,100 animals rescued

Over 300 people fed free, organic, vegan meals

Over 500 animals in our daily care

That’s just 2019 and we don’t plan to stop.

Here’s to 2 years behind us and 200 more to go. I love you @roostersanctuary

#civildisobedience #morals #ethics #vegan #govegan #ethicalvegan #morethanadiet #anniversary #fortheanimals #thinkofothers #ploughshare #plowshare #mayday #thoreau #sanctuary #ethicalsanctuary #adoptdontshop

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