Help With Legal Fees

Last night @roostersanctuary and I were arrested and booked. Without going into details; someone trespassed on our property. After repeatedly telling them to leave they refused and it led to an altercation. We were arrested, the trespassers were free to go. Keep in mind this all happened on our property. The trespassers had many poultry crates of dead and sick pigeons in their truck.

Yes there are details that we can not reveal at this time that led to the outcome of all this. During the altercation my camera was broken and is subsequently being held as evidence. If anyone would like to help with our legal fees and the purchase of a new camera, then please share, donate, spread the word.

Most of you know we are in the middle of an investigation, making the need for a camera immediate.

We are an all volunteer 501c3 depending on our own incomes and the generosity of those who believe in us and what we do.

Thanks to @brokenshovels and @goodliferefuge for taking care of everyone and our selves while we were in custody.

#vegan #whatvegansdo #govegan #animalliberation #sanctuary #ethics #ethicalvegan #fortheanimals #donate #nonprofit


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