Denver Geese By The Numbers


We all know how public funding or funding by grants operates. You don’t spend the money, you don’t get it next year. A very poor policy, but it is how government and public spending works. So if you have a dead end project, and you want to continue to receive funding, or better yet; just keep your job, then you may trump the numbers and skew the facts to keep your job and funding.

So here’s some simple numbers to ponder in regards to #denver ’s recent goose culling and the guise placed upon it as “feeding the homeless” or “aircraft safety”.

32 canada geese strikes since 1990

9014 strikes total since 1990

2137 total geese removed from denver public parks the past two months

10,857 homeless in denver as of 2018

#goosewatchdenver #canadageese #canadagoose #notdownwithdown #thegovernmentyouhaveelectedisinoperative #vegan #govegan #animalliberation #colorado #fortheanimals #gooseprotectiondenver #denvergooseprotection #rescue #wildlife #parks #denverparksandrec #denverpark #canadageeseprotectiondenver

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