Denver Goose Watch Garfield Park

At 3:36 am I spotted the first government vehicle (all were Chevy Silverados, some white, some silver in color) with a dog box and kayak parked near the corner of West Arizona Avenue and South Lowell Boulevard. An hour later more unmarked trucks with government plates arrived. Two of these trucks had dog boxes and kayaks. They began to set up a perimeter and two dogs began to swim in the lake at Garfield Lake Park. 4:33 am another unmarked truck pulling an open flatbed trailer with approximately 50 crates arrived.

Community members against the culling began to arrive around 5:30 am. USDA and Park Rangers were approached by several members of the community. 6:00 am the unmarked truck with trailer, crates, and geese and two marked Denver police patrol vehicles left Garfield Lake Park heading east on West Arizona Avenue. The truck with trailer and geese were last seen near federal and Interstate 25.

I last saw one of the unmarked government trucks headed north on Interstate 25 between Longmont and Fort Collins.

Each crate holds 3-5 geese. Most that I saw contained 3.

There were 7 unmarked government trucks, 2 marked park ranger trucks, 2 dogs, 3 kayaks, one trailer, and 50-51 crates.

USDA employees were wearing earpieces to communicate, waders, and headlamps.

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