Denver Goose Watch


Today July 9 2019 from 3 am to 6:30 am USDA Wildlife Services began to round up geese in Garfield park Denver. This operation began even after so called vegan first gentleman @marlonreis told members of the vegan community that he had confirmed there would be no culling of geese in Garfield park.

The USDA claims these geese are going to soup kitchens to feed the homeless. If the first gentlemen will lie to people of his own community, the government will also lie as to why they are culling the geese.

If these geese are being used to feed the homeless, they must do so under a warning that it is not fit for human consumption and to do so you must not consume more than 2 servings per month.

Goose meat is very tough and requires 3-4 hours marination. How many soup kitchens have the ability or are doing that?

The truth is the Kendra Cross who works for the USDA utilizes geese to test aircraft strikes at her home office in Fort Collins, Colorado. There she has many other animal exploiters who assist her with the torture and killing of these geese.

#vegan #govegan #animalliberation #usda #fortheanimals #taxdollarsatwork #ethics #geese #canadageese #denvercanadageese #goosecull ##denvergoosewatch @marlonreis #denver #colorado #denvercolorado #5280 @firstgentmarlonreis #government #yourgovernmentliestoyou

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