Denver Goose Watch

Those who are removing wild Canada Geese from Public land;

Colorado Wildlife Services State Director 12345 West Alameda Parkway Suite 204. Lakewood, CO 80228. Phone: (303) 328-9041

4101 Laporte Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80521

NWRC Primary Contacts

Laboratory Representative

John Eisemann

Mid-Continent Regional Coordinator



(970) 266-6158

Director’s Office (Fort Collins)

Larry Clark, PhD, Director

Thomas J. Deliberto, DVM, Assistant Director

Douglas C. Eckery, PhD, Assistant Director 

Thomas Gidlewski, DVM, Program Manager — National Wildlife Disease Program

John Eisemann, MS, Program Manager — Technology Transfer

Natalie Lasher, Administrative Officer

Research Staff  (Fort Collins, CO)

Aaron M. Anderson, PhD, Economist

John A. Baroch, Wildlife Disease Biologist

Sarah Bevins, PhD, Research Biologist 

Are R. Berentsen, Wildlife Biologist

Stewart W. Breck, PhD, Wildlife Biologist

Shelagh T. Deliberto, MS, Wildlife Biologist

Richard M. Engeman, PhD,  Research Biologist

Justin W. Fischer, MS, Wildlife Biologist

Alan B. Franklin, PhD, Supervisory Research Biologist

Amy T. Gilbert,  PhD, Research Biologist

David A. Goldade, PhD, Chemist

Katherine E. Horak, PhD, Research Biologist (Toxicologist)

Shylo R. Johnson, Biologist

Dennis Kohler, Wildlife Disease Biologist

Michael J. Lavelle, Wildlife Biologist

Richard E. Mauldin, MS, Chemist

Kim M. Pepin, PhD,  Research Biologist 

Kerri Pedersen, MS, Wildlife Disease Biologist

Toni Piaggio, PhD, Research Biologist (Genetics)

J. Jeffrey Root, PhD, Research Wildlife Biologist

Aaron B. Shiels, PhD, Research Biologist

Brandon S. Schmit, MS, Wildlife Disease Biologist

Susan A. Shriner, PhD, Research Biologist

Stephanie A. Shwiff, PhD, Research Economist 

Nathan P. Snow, PhD, Research Biologist

Randal S. Stahl, PhD, Chemist

Heather J. Sullivan, MS, Biologist

Kurt Vercauteren, PhD, Research Wildlife Biologist

Steven F. Volker, Chemist

Scott J. Werner, PhD, Research Wildlife Biologist

Gary W. Witmer, PhD, Research Wildlife Biologist


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