Special Needs Unit

@roostersanctuary and Dark Mountain are building a special needs facility for those who need the most care. Any day we could have nine to fifty animals that need special attention. To give them the best care we will be converting two shipping containers into a habitat that allows animals to receive the best care while still enjoying the outdoors. The containers will be moved to our new location when that time comes.

In honor of a friend who has helped me from the beginning of this project; we are dedicating one wing of the special needs unit to Angela Fowler. @726fowler235

The second half of the special needs unit will be dedicated to @emxmortem ’s companion Jackson Paw Lick.

If you would like to help with this project, please donate thru the links in bio. Share, re-post, and get the word out there. The more help we receive, the more animals we can rescue and care for.

Once we move to our new location we will be adding to the special needs unit with one or two more containers which we already have.

We are striving for full self sufficiency at our new location. All power will be provided by biodiesel and solar. Maybe some wind generators thrown in there too.

Thanks to everyone who has donated in order for us to help others.

Check out @xvxdanxvx and his progression towards running his first marathon which he is using to raise funds for Dark Mountain.

#vegan #govegan #animalcare #vettech #humanofficer #animalliberation #fortheanimals #sanctuary #ethics #ethicalvegan #container #containerhome #tinyhome

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