Yesterday we handed out 88 vegan meals to people in need. We are striving to do this at least once a month and hopefully twice a month. If you would like to help contact us. Arranging collection and pick up of donated clothing, personal care items, food, and other miscellaneous necessities is always helpful.

Yesterday one of the people we fed asked if there was meat in the food. There are many vegans and vegetarians who live on the street. Knowing they can get food that aligns with their beliefs is a great relief to them.

This particular gentleman told me how he became vegan and has never tasted meat. His grandfather was a daily beef eater. A friend of his grandfather’s challenged him to go 30 days without meat. This was in 1924 and the challenge included a $100 bet. His grandfather went 30 days with no meat and at the end of the challenge felt so good that he never ate meat again. The storyteller’s mother at the time was five and the entire family went vegetarian, and the family has continued to be vegetarian or vegan since.

It’s great to learn of people who have never consumed animals, especially in this modern, westernized world. It’s even better to hear of these people expanding their ethics and going vegan as well.

Every meal we hand out is a meal without suffering, a meal free from disease, and the anxiety absorbed by the animals body in their last minutes of life.

Help us to hand out more of these meals as well as to continue our rescue, care and outreach.

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