Assata gets to live her life with other cows rescued from the dairy and veal industry. We are the lucky ones as well. We get to feed her, care for her, and learn her and her siblings habits and personalities. Each of the six cows here, has a very different personality. Watching their personalities develop makes everyday with them exciting.

There’s a dark side to what could have happened to Assata and her siblings. If not rescued Assata and her friends would already be dead. They would have been slaughtered around 3-4 months old, or just left to die from starvation or insufficient care just after birth. If they survived in time for the truck to arrive they would be deprived of light, given minimal food and water until they were slaughtered. All this so that others could drink their milk. Dead so others could consume the milk that would give them the nutrition to grow 20 times their size in a year or two. Dead just so others could consume their meat while the rest of their organs are ground to a pulp to feed other livestock or companion animals.

We too are the lucky ones for knowing Assata as a life, not a commodity. A being, not a profit nor loss. If given the chance to meet Assata and her friends, most people would see a life, not a dollar sign. Yet there are many out there who through cultural conditioning and tradition, only see food.

We all must step outside of our own lives, families, and cultures in order to learn differences and to make positive changes for ourselves and others.

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