Month: May 2019



Eloise and Muppet sharing some broccoli stalks.

We have enough food to feed this worlds population, yet greed stands in the way. For now we have enough clean water for everyone to survive, yet greed is continually polluting it. Mother earth gives us more than we need, yet there are too few exercising compassion to help us all survive.

If you would like to help with clothing and food drives, please contact us. Each month we give away free food to those in need. Last week we ran out of food while people were still in line. It’s not easy to pack up and tell hungry people that we ran out of food.

It costs less than $2 to feed an organic, allergen free, vegan meal to someone, so why not do it.

We have a plan and dream to build a food truck just for these events.

We do a lot here. Just this year we have rescued over 1,000 animals; care for over 500 animals each day, we organize events, outreach, investigations, and prepare and hand out free food.

If you would like to be part of this as a volunteer, donor, or just to visit, please contact us.

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When the teat runs dry these kids turn to their siblings ears. #vegan #govegan #animalliberation #liberation #fortheanimals #cuteabimals #babyanimals #dairy #veal #freemartin #dairycalf #vealcalf #dairyisscary #plantbased #nutmilk #soymilk #ethics #ethicalvegan #sanctuary #veganfortheanimals #rescue #adoptdontshop #tongueouttuesday



Yesterday we handed out 88 vegan meals to people in need. We are striving to do this at least once a month and hopefully twice a month. If you would like to help contact us. Arranging collection and pick up of donated clothing, personal care items, food, and other miscellaneous necessities is always helpful.

Yesterday one of the people we fed asked if there was meat in the food. There are many vegans and vegetarians who live on the street. Knowing they can get food that aligns with their beliefs is a great relief to them.

This particular gentleman told me how he became vegan and has never tasted meat. His grandfather was a daily beef eater. A friend of his grandfather’s challenged him to go 30 days without meat. This was in 1924 and the challenge included a $100 bet. His grandfather went 30 days with no meat and at the end of the challenge felt so good that he never ate meat again. The storyteller’s mother at the time was five and the entire family went vegetarian, and the family has continued to be vegetarian or vegan since.

It’s great to learn of people who have never consumed animals, especially in this modern, westernized world. It’s even better to hear of these people expanding their ethics and going vegan as well.

Every meal we hand out is a meal without suffering, a meal free from disease, and the anxiety absorbed by the animals body in their last minutes of life.

Help us to hand out more of these meals as well as to continue our rescue, care and outreach.

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Sheared yesterday, sharing today. We’ll be giving out healthy organic vegan food in Lincoln Memorial Park, Denver today from 11:30 to 1. If you’ve got clothes, personal care items, or just want to help and hang out then stop by. #vegan #govegan #whatvegansdo #fortheanimals #animalliberation #totalliberation #humanliberation #sanctuary #ethics #ethicalvegan #plantbased #freefood #chili #sheep #rescue #organic #organicvegan

Shear Today Share Tomorrow

Shear today, Share tomorrow. Most of our sheep got sheared today. Tomorrow we will be taking our secret chili and mashed potatoes to downtown Denver to feed those without access to healthy food. Come out, give us a hand feeding, and meet new people. #whatvegansdo #sheep #shear #babydollsheep #rescue #vegan #govegan #animalliberation #fortheanimals #giveback #plantbased



Floyd wants to thank everyone who has donated to help this sanctuary grow. Please follow @xvxdanxvx and his training towards a marathon on July 4th. He is using this challenge to raise money for Dark Mountain.

Tax deductible donations can be made thru the sources in our bio as well.

Volunteers and even visitors are always welcomed.

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Assata gets to live her life with other cows rescued from the dairy and veal industry. We are the lucky ones as well. We get to feed her, care for her, and learn her and her siblings habits and personalities. Each of the six cows here, has a very different personality. Watching their personalities develop makes everyday with them exciting.

There’s a dark side to what could have happened to Assata and her siblings. If not rescued Assata and her friends would already be dead. They would have been slaughtered around 3-4 months old, or just left to die from starvation or insufficient care just after birth. If they survived in time for the truck to arrive they would be deprived of light, given minimal food and water until they were slaughtered. All this so that others could drink their milk. Dead so others could consume the milk that would give them the nutrition to grow 20 times their size in a year or two. Dead just so others could consume their meat while the rest of their organs are ground to a pulp to feed other livestock or companion animals.

We too are the lucky ones for knowing Assata as a life, not a commodity. A being, not a profit nor loss. If given the chance to meet Assata and her friends, most people would see a life, not a dollar sign. Yet there are many out there who through cultural conditioning and tradition, only see food.

We all must step outside of our own lives, families, and cultures in order to learn differences and to make positive changes for ourselves and others.

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Why two sanctuaries in one, each with a different focus? Actually our focus is the same, it’s the animals we rescue and care for that are different. Dark Mountain is the mammal portion and @RoosterSanctuary is the chicken portion. Or in agriculture terms livestock and poultry.

Get ready for some chicken facts!

Together we have a wide range of species which all came from a variety of exploitative environments.

Chickens are the most exploited and domesticated animals on this planet. Chickens are used in every manner of exploitation; from fashion to food, vivisection to bloodsport. Due to this wide scope of exploitation there are conflicting laws in regards to chickens.

As an animal cruelty inspector there are three fields in which animal cruelty laws do not apply. Those industries are research, agriculture and hunting. Hunting can be a grey area easily used in the defense of dog fighting but more difficult to use in the cock fighting defense. Laws regarding cock fighting do not apply to agriculture or research. So a laboratory may mutilate a bird, but a cocker may not. Same goes for forcing a dog, rat, mouse monkey to ingest certain substances but the average animal care taker may not.

This also goes for medications that may help the animals. Many cockers know proper vet care and go above and beyond normal means to care for their best birds. On the other hand chickens used for agriculture are not allowed to be treated with certain medications due to their use as food.

Numbers are also another reason for two sanctuaries working as one. In one year 39 million cows are killed where 9 billion chickens are killed. Both grotesque numbers, yet you can easily see there is a greater demand to rescue, care, and outreach for chickens than any other animal.

Some simple facts about chickens also lend the need for more sanctuaries to focus on poultry.

There is more biological information in regards to chickens than humans. The USDA has said there is drastically more information regarding the genetics and biological study of chickens used for food than any other animal. So do we care more for ourselves or the profit of those exploiting animals for food? Profit is what drives exploitation. Why is most poultry white? A poultry conglomerate created a chicken that grew faster in a shorter period of time, yet could not get the feathers to be completely white. One would think this bird would be more widely used for food, yet they are not due to color of the feathers. Chickens have very small feathers, much like hair which are impossible to be removed by industrialized mechanical means. In order to remove the feathers for a more pleasing appearance the darker feathered birds would have to be hand plucked or shaved. Therefor white birds, which do not grow as fast as the patented darker feathered breed, are used due to white feathers being more difficult to see against the skin.

Learning the facts as to why animal exploitation exist, helps us to understand those who have yet to see a kinder path in life. It gives us the ability to converse with them in their own language and provides the facts to counter this continued abuse of our environment. Teamwork and a strong community can lead us to better ourselves and others.

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