Goats Doing What Goats Do

Today @roostersanctuary and I had a long phone conversation with Walter Bond. He wants to move to NYC next year, but needs someone who will allow him to use their address. All the stipulations have not been set for his release, but he will have to live in a halfway house for six months or until his probation officer and the courts see fit. The address will only be used as a reference where he may be able to go after the halfway house, but Walter plans to move into an apartment of his own after the halfway house. The address is only a backup for probation and the court to see he does have someone nearby to give him a place after the halfway house.

Walter’s favorite animals are goats!

Walter’s birthday is in April so please write to him. He has very limited phone and email access so the best way to contact him is with physical mail. Walter Bond


FCI Terre Haute CMU

PO Box 33

Terre Haute IN 47808

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