Fighting Season


This week 25 roosters were euthanized in California and another 100 in Arizona. There was no justification for killing these birds other than being found in the wrong place at the wrong time. Former fighting roosters can be rehabilitated. Former fighters can cohabitant with each other. It takes time and patience with these birds just as it does with any animal who has dealt with abuse and neglect. @roostersanctuary currently has 19 roosters which need adoption. If you are an ethical 501c3 sanctuary and have the resources, please consider adopting one of these birds. The only way to end this bloodsport is through education. Having former fighters at your sanctuary opens up a new avenue towards liberating the rooster and educating the public.

We are currently in the height of cock fighting season. This is not a dying sport, instead it has grown as it has gone underground due to it being illegal in every state. #vegan #govegan #ethicalvegan #sanctuary #rooster #chciken #veganchciken #adoptdontshop #dontshopadopt #fortheanimals #plantbased #educate #liberate #animalliberation #ethicalsanctuary #nonprofit #501c3 #care

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