This Week’s Rescue


Here are a few photos of the boys who were rescued this week. Just like dogs, cats, goats, cows, and just about every animal on the planet; these birds will fight. Humans even do it. Does that make it right for us to force them to fight? Most will not fight till death and only fight till one retreats.

Is the “natural” excuse that cock fighters use justified when they breed these roosters for aggressive traits, give them drugs, deprive them of food and light before a fight, strap knives to their legs? Is “heritage” a worthy excuse for anything? Cock fighters have several politicians on their side; attempting to overturn laws making this bloodsport illegal. In addition to these politicians they have several lobbyist groups fighting for their “human right to fight roosters”; their words, not mine. This is a past time that needs to be in the past. Animal abuse leads to domestic abuse. #vegan #govegan #roosters #rooster #fortheanimals #chicken #plantbased #rescue #sanctuary #whatvegansdo #adoptdontshop #domesticabuse #animalabuseleadstodomesticabuse #abuse #lobby #lobbyist #lobbygroups #animalportraits #animalportrait #portrait #photo #animalphotography #photography

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