Investigate, Rescue, Care


We are in the process of securing homes from our second rescue of 2019. We need to find homes for 150-175 former fighting roosters. These birds will need specialized care and attention. These roosters can be integrated with other roosters if given the correct amount of space, time, and attention. @roostersanctuary will help with advice on care and integration process. Please share this link to help secure these birds safety. They have been abused in one of the most brutal blood sports and they now need our help to show them a better life. @darkmountainsanctuary and @roostersanctuary do not euthanize for temperament. Each animal has her/his own story that we may never understand. Their reactions to their abuses is no reason for us to deem them unfit to live. #vegan #govegan #whatvegansdo #sanctuary #rooster #gamefowl #bloodsport #animalsanctuary #fortheanimals #rescue #care #give #donate #volunteer #plantbased #veganrescue #bust #chicken #gaff #fight

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