Muck boots; comfortable, warm, and keep you dry in the snow or rain. Comfort, warmth, and dry; three simple things a mother does for her new born. Three simple things that most animals get to enjoy from their mother. Unless you are a chicken produced for the purpose of animal agriculture. In nature a hen would sit on her clutch of eggs for approximately three weeks. That’s three weeks of developing and eventually feeling your mother’s warmth, heart beat, and comfort. Instead animal agriculture rolls the freshly laid egg down a trough and eventually into an incubator where the egg will mechanically be turned and warmed till hatched. No heartbeat, no sounds of other chickens, just machinery. Hatchery workers only have two hours after hatching to sort you as a male or female. Females survive, males are ground alive. Any longer than two hours after hatching it is impossible to determine sex without a DNA test or ultraviolet testing; neither of which animal agriculture have the interest to pay for.

Now that you are born, the farmers comfortable muck boots are your only interaction with anyone other than another baby chick. As a baby chick and even into adult hood, muck boots will bring you comfort as they mean, food, water, possible attention. While everything is mechanized there is always the chance of those muck boots walking into the barn to repair a machine or to inspect for sick, injured or dead friends.

Over a 6 day period Several sanctuaries and local vegan individuals rescued a total of 1,007 chickens from a bankrupt farm. @roostersanctuary took 693 @brokenshovels took 208 @rescued_friends_ took 20 @goodliferefuge took 86 @hoghaven and @vegannswissdorf assisted with feed costs. @kinderwayfarmsanctuary agreed to take 130 birds during the rescue which allowed us to take more from this farm.

The reason we respected the farmer and those who were working on the farm; was to remove as many lives as possible. We all found issues we aligned with from both the farm owner and manager. The farm owner once worked with non profits to feed children in need. The farm manager founded a non profit to teach people about wildlife and exotics. Not only did this help us to save more lives and continue to visit the farm to help the animals in need, but it also opened a door and the possibility for those profiting from animal agriculture to see the benefits of vegan ethics. Two sanctuaries who helped with this rescue are former dairy owners. Proving further we can make a difference by treating people with respect.

We along with @roostersanctuary are in the process of our next rescue of fighting roosters. There is a tremendous need for more sanctuaries willing to help with large scale rescues. If you would like to volunteer please email us. If you would like to donate, there is a link in bio. Thanks

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